Inflatable Street Soccer Goal

120cm x 80cm
183cm x 122cm
244cm x 152.5cm

Inflatable Soccer Goal

300cm x 200cm

Inflatable Soccer Goal

366cm x 183cm
488cm x 213.5cm
550cm x 220cm

Inflatable Soccer Goal

732cm x 244cm

Inflatable soccer Field

Area: 20m x 40m
Rail Height: 120cm
Goal size: 300cm x 200cm

Inflatable Hockey Goal

183cm x 122cm

Inflatable Handball Goal

244cm x 152.2cm
300cm x 200cm

Inflatable Badminton Net Post

Net: 610cm

Post: 155cm

Inflatable Volleyball Net Post

Net: 850cm

Post: 243cm

Inflatable Water Polo Goal

200cm x 75cm

300cm x 90cm

Tchoukball Frame (Green)

Comes with 3 years warranty and all parts are replaceable.

Size 2 Official Tchoukball

For age 12 and above. Used for Inter School A, B & C Division Tchoukball Championships and the Inter Primary School (Senior) Tchoukball Championships.

Size 1 Official Tchoukball

For age 11 and below.
Will be used for Inter Primary School (Junior) Tchoukball Championships from 2012 onwards.

Frame Support (Portable Bars)

To weigh down the Tchoukball frames to minimise their movement.
Recommended 2 support bars for each frame at youth level & below.
Optional 3 support bars for each frame for tertiary level & above.